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"I like to deliver customization!"

Xander Bakker

My name is Xander Bakker

I have been a plastic surgeon since 2005. Until 2016, I worked in general hospitals, where I gained a wealth of experience in a large practice. After a sabbatical in 2016, I made the switch to cosmetic plastic surgery. This usually takes place in small clinics. In such a setting, I can give clients much more attention that they need. Clients come to me because a physical blemish has often bothered them for years. Something that is nothing to an outsider can be a very big problem for the person in question.

I find it a challenge, together with the person, to look at what is disturbing and what can possibly be done about it. Often there are several options. I find it important that someone is well informed, so he or she can make a conscious choice. This is essential in getting a satisfied customer. Because that is, what matters to me: making someone a little happier with themselves, so that the issue they are struggling with is no longer there. I always try to make a connection with people, because an intervention has to be a joint plan that both of them can support. When in doubt, I always say: don't do it. Or come back another time. No hasty decisions. I have the privilege of putting plastic surgery on the map within Flexclinics.

We both stand for the highest possible quality of care, personal approach through our small scale, and we offer extra service by paying more attention to the process surrounding surgery. We want to be innovative by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and additional treatments. I see the quality of care we provide going up and that is what I hope to achieve with every client: the best result. Who knows, perhaps I may meet you soon?

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